Online Visual-based Dev

Develop your projects rapidly like block building

Configure table structure online and generate cloud database.; customize cloud functions based on models; abundant third-party modules, pre-built modules, and templates; visual configuration management system, offering a brand new experience from development to testing and maintenance.

Easy-to-use cloud database operation functions

The powerful cloud database management function makes the data table design, editing and operation easier. For example, the query of data association can be completed only by just a few clicks.

Easy-to-use online development

We provide developers with various types of functions such as initialization functions, global functions, middleware functions, remote functions, etc., to help them build up what they want quickly. The automatically generated interface debugging page significantly simplifies the front-end and back-end joint debugging test process. The powerful exception handling system allows you to identify the system exceptions during testing.

Rich pre-built modules and third-party modules

Quickly integrate different types of third-party modules (e.g. axios, underscore, crypto) to make the development process simple and efficient.

Rapid development of the admin system

Generate pages for the admin system through JSON configuration; pre-built commonly used admin modules and rich front-end components; configure online and generate pages in real-time. All these features are designed to help you greatly reduce development costs and improve efficiency.

A rich set of templates

A rich set of templates for developers to choose and can be quickly integrated and used for secondary development, which makes the development process simple and efficient.