Cloud Service Pricing

  • File Storage


    Storage of installation packages and files.

  • API Calls


    API calls of the cloud services.

  • Overseas DL


    Installation package and file download originated from IP addresses outside of Mainland China.

  • Domestic DL


    Including data consumed in installation package and file downloading.

  • Template loading data



* Billing day of the previous month is the 10th day of each month. Please pay the fees before 20th this month.

* If the total app installation volume for a single account exceeds the limit, extra fees will be charged

* vipservice.vipSer98

* For enterprise API authorization, please contact QQ: 1358213202

   Note: unauthorized API invocation is strictly prohibited. APICloud reserves the right to freeze the account and pursue legal actions against any unauthorized uses

Basic services are for free

Additional Services

KPlan Onsite Expert Service

APICloud provides onsite expert service to help enterprises kickstart development projects and accelerate talent cultivation by guiding them through the entire project.


APICloud provides a private cloud deployment service for enterprises. The platform is run on isolated cloud and maintained by APICloud. Docker level containment provides a higher level of security for enterprise mobile business.