Learn How to Develop Cross-Platform Apps in 7 Days

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Social application (copy little red book)

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E-commerce APP (imitation Netease)

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Live App

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Case Study

Social application (copy little red book)

Learn how to use APICloud3.0 to build a social application
for sharing pictures and texts from 0 to 1.

Main points of course

- Social interaction -

- data cloud 3.0 -

- Login sharing -

- modularization -

- Cross-end adaptation -

- Relationship chain -

E-commerce APP (imitation Netease)

Popular e-commerce App development practice,
starting from 0, teach you to build a development framework.

Main points of course

- Commodity module -

- Shopping cart module -

- the user module -

- Map status-related integration -

- Message push integration -

- Process Picture -

- Data cache -

Live App

Great God teaches you how to develop (similar to Yingke app)

Main points of course

- live-streaming studio -

- Chat Room -

- give gifts -

- bullet comment -

- Live room management -

Course Contents

  • Day 1
    Design of APICloud

    Design of APICloud, UI Structure, hybrid rendering principle, etc

  • Day 2
    UI Layout and Use of Development Tools

    APICloud engine execution process, app execution process; instructions of use of APIs for screen resolution adaption, communications between pages, etc

  • Day 3
    APICloud Network Communications and Instructions for Use of Cloud Services

    Use of network communications APIs. Design data model and table structure based on app demands to provide dynamic data.

  • Day 4
    Use of APIs for data storage, cache and resources access, etc.

    4 data storage methods, app sandbox structure, access methods, cache mechanism and more

  • Day 5
    APICloud Module

    APICloud's modularized structure design, module customization mechanism, module general design principle, marketplace and more

  • Day 6
    Performance Optimization Strategy of Cross-platform Apps

    Lifecycle control, event response, animation effect, network status, loading speed, rendering speed, etc

  • Day 7
    General Instructions of App Management Related APIs and Summary

    App management console operation procedures, version management, online fixing, push, analytics, etc


Instructions: 1. Course time: 24/7, available for 3 months.

(Start counting from the purchase date)

Benefits: 1. Free download of learning materials and case source code.

2. Take the ACE exam at a discount price