Compile once for multiple platforms

Studio3 can help you quickly compile the code whether you are building an Android or iOS app, a web app or a mini program.

AVM syntax and extended API support

Studio3 provides highlight, intellisense and auto-completion features for AVM code segments, formats, types of variables, function definition, imported components and APICloud extended APIs

Real-time preview and real machine debugging

You can debug your code and view preview directly in your editor. Or launch AppLoader via Wi-Fi or USB and debug and validate functions in real devices. You can also use breakpoints, call stacks and interactive consoles when debugging.

Simple and efficient code management

Mange your code with Git. Built-in SVN simplifies Git operations, providing concise code management experience. Check code differences directly in your editor, add files and submit them or check out code from cloud to editor

Connecting the cloud side and the client side

Keep connected to the cloud. Create/import projects, compile, customize loader, and manage modules in the editor.

Extendible and customizable

The VSCode plug-in mechanism is fully retained. You can add new languages, themes, debuggers, and connect to other services by installing plug-ins. Thanks to VSCode's excellent plug-in management function, you can run extensions in a separate process, which will not reduce the performance of the editor.

Download APICloud Studio3

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