Project management

A more intuitive enterprise IT agile management tool

Real-time and transparent progress management is important form timely completion of the project. Team members can collaborate on the cloud and manage project progress simultaneously.

Innovative online project management tool

The innovative project collaboration platform fully integrates the project development process and data, providing you with whole-process monitoring and management. Avoid the drawbacks of traditional development method, participate in project development throughout the entire process no matter where you are, and view the development progress in real time.

Efficient and shareable task management to realize agile development

The project plan is displayed in Gantt chart. Each project stage is managed through a ToDoList task panel. Deliverables can be stored and viewed online where the demanding party can confirm acceptance with an electronic signature.

Stable remote online meeting room for efficient communication

Project members can initiate multi-person online meetings at any time. Screen sharing is supported to display supplementary materials. The meeting can be recorded and reviewed at any time. We don’t have to meet in person to push the project forward.

Manage your project anytime and anywhere on your mobile phones

View project progress and project deliverables at each stage on your mobile phones. Convenient and efficient.

A solution for rapid internetilization for enterprises

Entering a new era of highly efficient informatization