Easier Than Traditional App Development Mode

Less Demanding for Skills

Higher Development Efficiency

Standardized Management

1 engineer and 1 set of front-end code to develop apps
A large amount of modules for assembling using JavaScript
Standard languages & extension
Before: 2 engineers and 2 sets of native code
Before: write code from scratch
Before: no standard

Leading Hybrid Rendering Technologies

APICloud’s leading hybrid rendering technologies allow native and web components to be laid out in the same view.

Standarized Extension Mechanism, with Support for Custom Extension

Deep Engine is designed for all kinds of apps. If the existing modules cannot meet your needs, APICloud allows you to create your own modules, which avoids massive repetive work.

Customized module

Tested by Tens of Millions of Devices. Stability Guaranteed!

Focus on functionality testing and optimizing user experience. The workload for compatibility and performance testing is substantially reduced.
Before your app is online, other apps developed with Deep Engine have been running on tens of millions of devices.

Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
Modules Functionality Testing

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