Powerful cloud database

Design online table structure, process data association between tables, manage database; support database transaction processing and automatic backup of user data.

Convenient and fast development process

Write functions based on models to facilitate developers to organize code structure based on business logic; rich built-in functions and exception handling mechanisms; automatically generate interface documents to facilitate front-end and back-end developers to directly perform API interface debugging on the page.

Real-time monitoring and continuous integration

In a formal environment, the system resource usage can be monitored in real time and dynamic expansion is supported. Support code update and graceful service restart.

Scenario-based cloud application products

You can use the data services to develop your own cloud application, upload it to the cloud application store, and get revenue.


The upgraded data services accelerate cloud development

Cloud engine

The powerful API Framework
supports dynamic model creation and multiple data source access,
allowing to quickly build serverless applications.

Cloud database

Standard NoSQL database.
Support visual data model design
and automatically generate REST interfaces.

Cloud function

Develop with JavaScript.
Support custom functions, hook functions,
and API mapping.

Model repository

Rich data models
to support payment, live streaming, SMS, email,
third-party login, file storage, etc.

Security mechanism

Support mainstream verification mechanism.
Separate production and test environments
to realize data isolation.

Management system

Generated based on data model.
Built-in basic functions and rich components.
Support customization to achieve rapid construction

API debugging

Processed API generation and debugging.
Support API document generation
for third-party debugging tools.

API analysis

Real-time and efficient analysistraffic statistics, storage statistics, etc.

Experienced technical team

The technical team is composed of founding members of APICloud which has been iterating constantly since its launch in 2014. The technical experts have many years of accumulation in high concurrency and high availability technologies. We will continue to uphold the industry-leading standard and product-first concept to deliver high-quality user experience.

Professional and efficient service support

We have a mature developer community. The technical support team is led by experts and has solved over 1 million technical problems for our developers. Our work order system has maintained a 30-minute response mechanism, helping you quickly master development skills, and safeguarding your commercial projects.

A million-level developer ecosystem

We have a million-level developer base in our ecosystem. More than 70% of the data service model library, modules and cloud app templates are contributed by our developers. We will continue to encourage everyone to help build our developer community, and continue to provide users with a large number of ready-to-use development components to make development is as simple and flexible as building blocks!