Targeted Push

Segment target audience based on the tag settings in the app and send differentiated push messages, with support of secondary segmentation by platform and many other tags.

Scheduled Push

Automatic push services via scheduling push tasks in advance.

Offline Message

Apps are not online when you send push messages? Don’t worry! Offline message ensures app users receive the messages the moment network is available.

Bi-directional IM Services Supported

Create your own IM app like WeChat with just a few lines of code.

Add fixing task

Online fixing supports fast in-app rollback without the app store’s approval.Breakpoint transmission during fixing guarantees the success rate.

Still using the old way to upgrade your apps?

SuperWebview Upgrade quietly
User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4 User 5


Multi-dimensional Versioning
Offer efficient in-app upgrade notifications to subscribers in addition to the app store versioning mechanism.
Incremental Update
Incremental update allows developers to add new features to the app without the hassle of resubmitting your apps to the app store.
Disable Invalid Versions
Disable invalid and buggy versions, allow users to skip the buggy version when upgrading or force the users who are using the buggy version to upgrade.


Allow developers to gain insights of key indexes such as engagement, retention, conversion in real time, making them the app operations experts.
Custom events help developers get a deeper understanding of specific user behaviors