About Us

APICloud is a leader of low-code development platform in China. Founded in 2014 as a MADP (mobile application development platform), APICloud has evolved into a LCDP (low-code development platform) as we constantly enhance our capabilities in cloud native, BizDevOps and hybrid development, forming a solid ecological barrier. With APICloud low-code development platform, months or even years of development effort can be reduced significantly to help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency and cope with innovative digital challenges more easily. Statistics show that an increasing number of IT technicians are building enterprise-grade applications with low-code platforms.

When building applications with APICloud low-code development platform, UI design, front-end development, back-end development can be closely linked to achieve agile development. The aPaaS, automation and processized capabilities allow users to increase the development efficiency by 30% to 60% through code reuse. In this time-racing efficiency revolution, APICloud is accelerating the process of enterprise digitization in many ways.

We are committed to empowering developers and building a developer ecosystem. In the era of low code, we strive to further liberate developers and “get rid of” the redundant and repetitive work in the development process. 1,000,000+ registered developers, 1.2 million applications created on APICloud, hundreds of product iterations, all these numbers have proven the reliability of the platform.

In the year after its foundation, APICloud was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, the world's most authoritative IT research and consulting institution. Behind all the honors, APICloud has been enabling a growing number of enterprises to realize digital transformation. Our clients include Intel, Haier, SAIC Motor, Country Garden, Citic Group, Spring Airlines, and many other well-known enterprises in China and across the globe, covering areas such as IoT, e-commerce, education, live steaming, O2O, social networking, etc. With the innovative technologies and business model, APICloud is the preferred choice for digitalization for enterprises worldwide.


APICloud is headquartered in Beijing with branches in Shanghai, shenzhen, nanjing and qingdao


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