Virtual DOM

Write once, render for multiple terminals to eliminate terminal differences. AVM fully conforms to the features of the system and performs differential processing for different terminals to achieve efficient rendering.


High reusability (60-90% code reuse), composability and maintainable architecture design allows you to hide complex DOM structure and behavior and focus on the function and interface of the app. APICloud developer ecosystem will continue to provide rich and cool components.

Data binding

Write intuitive and concise code. Easily bind the data source to the user interface of your app. Reduced logic complexity and development difficulty. Data changes will be automatically fed back to the user interface in real time.

State management

Separate the user interface from data processing and reduce coupling. Share the status of the application in multiple interfaces and different components, and easily realize the engineering management of the project.

Vue-like syntax and React JSX compatible

It will be easier to get started with AVM if you have knowledge of Vue or React.