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Develop native iOS and Android apps with standard web technologies

Ops & Mgt

Covering comprhensive ops services like push, online fix, versioning, analytics.

6 steps to go from dev to ops

Choose Dev Mode

Develop native iOS and Android apps from scatch in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
Deep Engine
Integrate APICloud SuperWebview SDK into your existing apps to

Write App Interfaces

Use the HTML5 editing tools you prefer with APICloud plug-ins to develop native iOS and Android apps 2 to 3 times faster
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Essential third party services such as payment, sharing, video broadcasting, IM, audio conference, etc, all in one place. One-click integration.
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Server Dev

Developers can choose to use their own servers or develop on APICloud's visualized Data Cloud
Data Services

Generate Installation Package Online

Generate iOS and Android installation packages with just one set of code. In addition, APICloud provides multi-channel packaging service for 12 popular Android app markets.

Product Operations

APICloud Operations Services cover essential ops services including push, online fix, analytics. Online fix allows developers to update their apps without having to submit for approval.
Ops Services

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A new ecosystem beyond development.
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Why Choose APICloud App Dev Outsourcing Service

  • Sign with APICloud

    Sign contract directly with APICloud. Our mature app development technologies guarantee the timely delivery

  • Delivery guaranteed

    Whole-process supervision by our experienced supervisors and standard test and acceptance system to ensure timely and warranted delivery

  • Cost-efficient

    One codebase for both iOS and Android to reduce maintenance and upgrade cost

  • Fast

    Leading technologies to reduce app development, upgrade and release cycle

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5000+ installation packages generated on APICloud and stored on Qiniu
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ou ou football
ou ou football
Tourism Plus
Tourism Plus
Life service
Spring Airlines
Spring Airlines
Martian Club
Martian Club
Cattle raising car
Cattle raising car
Manman Buy
Manman Buy
Live broadcast
Sheep Hotline
Sheep Hotline
Life service
Users are able to control their household smart heating hardware though mobile devices. Opler is dedicated to create a B2B, B2C and O2O platform for floor heating market, improve the service capabilities, profit as well as the customer's experience. Yang Fan, Founder & CEO of Opler
Occasionally from professional football product reporting, evaluation, identification, to football products video, e-commerce platform, second-hand transactions, authentic merchants certification and other dimensions to provide one-stop professional services. ou ou football, CEO of Zhou Min
'Travel +' App is an interactive platform created by China Travel Newspapers for end-users to guide tourism culture and tourism consumption in a relaxed and interesting way. It aims to spread the concept of quality tourism and advocate quality tourism life. 'Travel +' App has three major functions, namely, diversified information services, shared content production mode and intelligent recommendation reading. It has three columns: the most informative, fun and small secretary. 'Travel +' App strives to build a platform to provide users with information services, content planning and packaging, with cutting-edge network communication to express quality tourism.
The SMP platform is an integrated mobile officing platform for Srping Airlines staff, connceting different work flows. It provides conveniences for coordination of different roles and increases work efficiency. Zhu Liang, Director of Mobile Division of Spring Airlines
The Mars Club App is a mobile application dedicated to providing physical science education for teenagers. Students can browse and watch physical electronics, robotics, 3D printing, astrogeology and other fields of science courses online to stimulate their understanding and exploration of science!
The iron ox vehicle is dedicated to build a one-stop service platform for trailer industry. Buy trailers, pick up accessories, and serve on iron cattle! Ding Fuchang, product manager of iron cattle car.
Manman Buy is a shopping guide and price check app, containing goods prices, prmotions, price history of major e-shops. Mao Chunjie, CTO of Manman Buy
Sheep Hotline App is a dedicated service platform for emotional and spiritual communication, designed to comfort every soul in need of comfort, Sheep Hotline App is a live App, let you in the long night someone talk to someone, let you raise your head before the negative emotions, hope that everyone can be loved.
ZTE pays life for the wallet. ZTE, CEO of Huang Rui
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