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Essential devlopment
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Advanced requirements for enterprises

App No. Limit 10 15 100 Unlimited
App transfer 1 3 30 Unlimited
Member No. 1people 3people 30people Unlimited
Compilation Regular channel/500times Regular channel/1000times High-speed channel/Unlimited High-speed channel/Unlimited
VIP module package - - 50times Unlimited
Priority Tech Support - - 50questions 1000questions
Multi-channel Packaging - - 1 apps 5 apps
vipservice.vipSer100 vipservice.vipSer101 vipservice.vipSer101 vipservice.vipSer102 vipservice.vipSer103
App Clone - -
iOS Test Version Packaging - -
Access Management - -
VIP Sharing Service - -
Enterprise services - -
Open Open

* For Certified version: only one account of the enterprise is entitled to the privileges

* Buy now and get value added services for free, including certified enginner exam, renaming apps and designated SVN channel

* For Certified/Enterprise/Pro version: the sub accounts share the package times with the main account in the app project created by the main account

* Total app installation volume per account: under 100k for free for Free and Certified Version; under 500k for free for Enterprise Version; under 1 million for free for Professional Version

   Note: Outsourcing clients and outstanding case providers can apply to remove the installation volume limit. Please contact QQ: 1358213202

* 专业版、企业版可申请获赠3万元云主机产品

VIP Service Introduction

VIP Services Team Sharing

The sub accounts share the high-speed packaging channel, package times, multi-channel packaging, designated SVN channel and iOS test certificate with the main account in the app project shared by the main account

VIP module packageInstructions

80% of the paid modules have been included in the VIP module package. Upgrade to VIP to use specified paid modules for free

Priority Tech Support

Having a time-sensitive or highly professional problem? APICloud experts are here to help you.

iOS Test Certificate

APICloud provides iOS test certificate for Enterprise and Professional user for test package packaging.

Multi-channel Packaging for Android

APICloud provides multi-channel packaging for Android apps for easy statistics. Currently we provide
12 channels and designated server to accelerate the packaging process

* Submission to app markets is not included

Access Management

Assign access permission according to job duties. Reduce the risk of misoperation, improve data sucurity and
improve collaboration efficiency!

High-speed Packaging Channel

APICloud provides a high-speed packaging channel to reduce packaging waiting time.

Operation control

APICloud provides all-round security running controls.
Developers are able to control the apps under their accounts by time, network, location and device status.

Enterprise Appstore

AppStore is an overall app solution for enterprises for centralized control of multiple apps,
including versioning, upgrading, launching/removing apps, and coordination with the portal on the mobile devices.
It is designed to provide an integrated mobile platform for enterprises to distribute, manage and operate mobile apps more conveniently.

Hi-speed pkg & SVN channelInstructions

Open designated SVN servers to increase upload speed.
Compiling specified SVN versions and specified SVN packaging path are supported,
providing more convenient management and maintenance of all installation package versions.

App CloneInstructions

App clone, also known as front-end container technology.
Creating an image for the app you built, including SVN code, icon, launch page, keys and a list of modules used.