About Us

Youzi (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading mobile app cloud service provider in China. We offer an integrated development environment with comprehensive backend services and mobile-optimized API modules. Leveraging our innovative hybrid app engine, mobile developers can use a single JavaScript codebase to build cross-platform apps with amazing native experience.

APICloud’s Cloud API and Client API are able to simplify the development of mobile apps and reduce the development cycle from one month to 7 days. With the cloud-based development environment, all developers have to do is to focus on building amazing apps, and APICloud handles the rest.

APICloud strives to be the leading mobile cloud service provider for vertical fields, and help millions of web developers in China and around the world become mobile app gurus!

APICloud Mission

Accelerate mobile innovations, help app developers and software companies successfully transform from B/S architecture to apps and rapidly adapt to the era of mobile, cloud and big data.

Contact Us

  • US Branch
  • 555 Bryant Street, Suite 560 Palo Alto CA, US
  • Email:usa@apicloud.com
  • Pre-sales Consulting
  • 555 Bryant Street, Suite 560 Palo Alto CA, US
  • Email:saies@apicloud.com
  • Japan Branch
  • Address: IMAS Kitashinagawa Building, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Email:japan@apicloud.com